Ultimate Elegance
Meets High Performance

Elegance personified: The Trenton Two-Tone is a perfect blend of top end performance features, excellent ergonomics and high-end esthetics. It is built to perform, built to last and built to function perfectly in any environment. 

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Precision and innovation are at the heart of the Trenton Two Tone 1911.  Elegant design, advanced ergonomics and hand crafted workmanship merge flawlessly to create a handgun destined to be a classic.  Built to perform, built to last and to look good doing it; the Trenton 1911 is a remarkable handgun.  Out of the box extras include:

  • Forged Frame & Slide – Hand Lapped For Smooth Fit
  • Patented Kart Precision National Match Barrel & Matched, Hand-Fit, Machined Bushings
  • Custom Chain Link Machined Main Spring Housing & Front Strap
  • Machined Wide Ride Beaver Tail Grip Safety Blended To Match The Frame
  • Extended Thumb Safety For Better Control & Comfort
  • Wire EDM Hammer, Sear & Disconnector
  • Adjustable Aluminum Trigger
  • Machined Slide Stop
  • Custom VZ Grips
  • Crisp 4-Pound Trigger Pull
  • 1.5″ Accuracy @ 25 Yards Guaranteed
  • Extended Thumb Safety For Better Control & Comfort
  • Range Bag With (2) 8-Round Magazines
Caliber .45 ACP
Height 90º To Barrel 5.50 Inches
Weight w/ Empty Magazine 42 Ounces
Length 8.7 Inches
Frame Material Stainless Steel
Slide Material Stainless Steel
Barrel Twist Rate 1:16 LH
Recoil Spring 15 Pounds
Trigger 4 Pounds

Masterfully Crafted Features

Designed for ultimate fit, feel, and function, when you hold it in your hand, you instantly feel the difference.  Our proprietary VZ design, delivers an absolute optimal grip with the perfect amount of bite.  It is built to our exact specifications with medium checkering and an embedded Carolina eagle emblem.

Flawlessly integrated with its design, the Trenton 1911 boasts a wide-ride beaver tail grip safety, gunsmith-fitted to the frame, that naturally fills the web of your hand.

Our extended thumb safety is 1000th of an inch wider than a standard 1911 safety. Along with an option for an extended ambidextrous thumb safety, our design results in a safety with nothing left to chance.  Easy access and optimal safety function…exactly what you would expect from a 1911.

Trenton 1911s come fully equipped with Dawson Precision Sights.  Manufactured to the highest quality tolerances, each Trenton sight is constructed to provide a greater field of view, extreme durability, and ease of use. Several front and rear sight options are available on the Trenton 1911 series from Carolina Arms Group.

Our silky smooth, aluminum, Match-Worthy 4lb trigger has a fully adjustable over-travel with a crisp, audible reset.  The Trenton trigger if flawlessly fitted to meet the demands of the modern shooter.

All Trenton 1911 handguns are built with Kart Precision Barrels.  Each one is forged from ordnance steel to strict national match specs and rifled by a proprietary technique that holds lands and grooves to exceptionally close tolerances. The barrel’s exceedingly smooth surface finish is air gauged to maintain .0002″ tolerance through the bore.  Trenton’s National Match 1:16 LH hand-fitted barrel with matched barrel bushings is accuracy tested to 1.25-1.5 inch MOA.

Following his famous crossing of the Delaware River, General George Washington marched the Continental Army to Trenton, New Jersey. The weather was worse than it had been crossing the river, yet the army continued to proceed as Washington rode up and down the column, pressing his men to carry on.

Shortly after eight o’clock on the morning of December 26, 1776, the Continental Army started its charge on the city. They marched through thick snow with Washington personally leading the middle charge, while German drums urgently called the Hessians to arms. Washington had maintained the element of surprise.

As the Hessians grouped, the Continental Army entered the city at two points, while Nathanael Greene and Washington arrived from the north. The Hessian officers incorrectly assumed they were surrounded with no option for retreat, deciding to counterattack Washington within the city. This proved to be costly as Washington’s forces occupied the highest ground with clear views of all Hessian movements.

Again and again,  efforts to outflank the Continentals failed, allowing Washington’s forces to overpower Hessians, who broke ranks, fleeing from the fighting.  They retreated  east of Trenton where they were forced to surrender. Despite the large number of Hessians that escaped Trenton, Washington still won a crucial strategic and material victory. In only one hour of fighting, the Continental Army secured a vital victory.

With today’s emphasis on cutting corners and sacrificing quality in a fight to the bottom, we believe in the ideal that working smarter and delivering more than expected is the better battle plan. 


The professional team at Carolina Arms Group consists of both military veterans and expert gunsmiths. Between us, we have decades of firearms manufacturing and quality assurance experience.

The unmistakable refinement of Carolina Arms Group products is a reflection of our employees’ daily dedication to manufacturing excellence.


To create a world-class firearm, Carolina Arms Group sources materials from only the most seasoned and trusted US manufacturers with a reputation for quality and reliability. Components are specifically enhanced and fine-tuned to perform in our firearms.


Every handcrafted 1911 pistol built by Carolina Arms Group is machined to exact tolerances and is meticulously inspected for precision and accuracy in our Mooresville, N.C. factory.

All Trenton 1911 pistols are stone-lapped, hand-filed, and fitted, then tested for accuracy in a ransom rest. Finally, our quality experts hand-fire them for feel and function.

We only build heirloom quality 1911s that we would be proud to own.  Our handguns elevate our shooting performance, protect our families, and will proudly be passed along to the next generation.

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